Hello World!!!

Just as the undecisiveness to give a name to this blog, I couldn’t find a better title than the famous “first scream” in any programming language.

I decided to create this blog after hearing a podcast from Sean McGabe where he said:

You don’t need to be a master to teach. You just have to know something a bit better than others

And with the new year, here it is!

I’m angolan, network engineer and in this blog you will find a bit of what’s going on in my mind and that every day makes me see how ignorant I am. I’ll publish what I find interesting for the world but mostly related to IP networking (Cisco), IT and my progress in automation and SDN (Software Defined Networking). One of my objectives is to encourage the publication of angolan content.

The visuals are still a work in progress (eternal maybe) and will be tuned as the time goes by.

Lets do this…