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I updated the mail subscription service for the blog. The service I used before, Jetpack, had some issues:

  1. The e-mail is sent immediately. More than once I had an e-mail sent when I didn’t mean to publish
  2. Language. All subscribers get updates in both languages, one e-mail per language. This is annoying for anyone that doesn’t understand one of the languages and even for those who understand both.

For this reason I migrated to Mailchimp, which besides being able to send a single daily e-mail whenever there is a blog update, also allows me to send e-mail to all subscribers whenever there is a need even without publishing a blog post.

All subscribers of the previous service were added to the new service subscribed to both languages. If you want to change the language, click on “actualizar preferências” or “update preferences” in the end of the e-mail.

If you wish to subscribe, fill the form at the right of this page ou in the form at the end of this post and make sure to choose which languages you would like to get e-mails.

If you are one of those persons that doesn’t like e-mails too much, there are a few more choices to keep yourself updated:

    1. RSS. In MS Outlook, your browser or feedly… use what you like more
    2. This blog’s Facebook page
    3. My Twitter account. Here, I’ll be tagging all posts with #mpinhoblog #mpinhoblog_en/#mpinhoblog_pt

Thank you all who read, collaborate and encourage! … Going to bed now!

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