CCNA Data Center – My Journey

On April 11th 2017, well on the edge and on the last day before the old CCNA DC exams expiring I finally gog my CCNA Data Center certification, more than a year after starting the studies.

Was it hard? Yes, but no so much for the content.

The idea

My journey started with the decision late 2015, with some experience and after putting my hands on some Cisco Nexus switches I decided to go ahead with certification.

The first exam was DCICN Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking. The first attempt was a surprisingly nice failure. All the networking principles were deeply in me but the exam was “mined” with a series of unexpected questions and some that really were not part of the exam topics. A problem known for this exam unfortunately.

But this exam gave me a very important heads up: I forgot how to study! I still knew how to learn, but I didn’t know how to study anymore. I underestimated the small little details that must be memorized and the need to review what was studied to make sure I really learned enough to pass the exam.

From then on, my plan was suspended by unexpected events in life: work, personal projects and a new kid made me leave the certification behind. Only a year later, December 2016 I finally managed to pass DCICN.

What about exam dumps?

You must be thinking:

“This Mario guy is really dumb! With so many dumps wondering around why did he take more than a year to pass a Cisco A level exam?”

Because I didn’t want the title only. I wanted the knowledge and thats what moves me. Also, the position I had at the time demanded some knowledge.


It was then time for the 2nd certification exam, DCICT Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies. Studying for this one came with a few more eye openers.

The exam was much more than Nexus switches, VDCs (Virtual Device Contexts), vPC (Virtual Port Channels) and Fabricpath. I soon realized it wasn’t something to just conquer in 2 weeks and it took me 4 more months of off and on studying until I was able to pass, with a failure before that. Storage, SAN, Fibre Channel, virtualization and UCS servers leave confused anyone so focused on pure routing and switching and no “systems” history as I am.

Exam prep

Below is most of the content I used to prepare for both exams. Some items on the list are book I didn’t have time to read but still included because they were recommended. Click on the tabs to change topics.

I started preparing where I recommend anyone to start any Cisco exam: The CLN (Cisco Learning Network). There, its possible to have access not only the list of official exam topics but discussions and some alerts from people who attempted the exams. CLN also has lists of recommended books for certification and some free content.

The INE forum is good for R&S certifications but unfortunately its a bit stale for Data Center certifications. The last post in the forum (CCNA DC) is from 2015).

My opinion is, for video, nothing beats the ones available from Cisco Live library. I would put a list here but they were so many, sooo many… I recommend everyone to visit the site, register for free and just search for any topic you need. However, there are 2 that were critical:

  • BRKSAN-1121 Fibre Channel Networking for the IP Network Engineer and SAN Core Edge Design Best Practices
  • BRKDCT-1044 – Introductory – FCoE for the IP Network Engineer

CBT Nuggets videos are useful for a quick overview, but for DCICT what really helped my were the CCNA DC videos from Chris Wahl in Pluralsight.

For reading, I was fortunate enough to have a Safari Books Online subscription. These subscription gives me access to ALL Cisco Press library and many other publishers too! I highly recommend it. My list included:

Cisco support documentation is phenomenal (mostly). The configuration guides and command references available in the site are a must read especially for “Configure, troubleshoot and verify” topics. The datasheets should also be read for this exam.

Summarizing a pile of links I still remember:

For hands-on practice I had NX-OS in DCloud and UCS Platform Emulator.

To make sure information was kept fresh in my mind I made notes in Microsoft Word and Anki flashcards. Soon I’ll share both with you here and write a bit about Anki. Its a lifesaver!

Was it worth it?

Sure it was! Not only for the “basic” knowledge of Cisco Data Center technologies but for Data Center technologies overall. The exam made me understand a bit about storage, SANs, Fibre Channel, FCoE, virtualization and servers.

Am I an expert?

Not at all, especially on the storage and UCS topics from DCICT. But I fill much more at ease if I have to discuss any of them and I know I can progress much faster than before.

Whats next? CCNP DC?



I hope you enjoyed this one and don’t forget that some of my recommendations may not be valid anymore after the exams changed to v6.


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  1. Babak

    Ha HA HA,
    Man I loved the NO! part

    Thanks for putting this article. I just finished my CCNP R&S and starting the CCNA DC.
    your article helped ALOT

  2. Tom

    Hi I liked that part too. But unfortunately I am suppose to make DC specialist in our compaty 😀 So I will need to get these.. Started for CCNA .. completaly confused (only R and S before) .. 😀


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