CCIE program evolution

If you are preparing yourself for the CCIE certification and haven’t passed the written yet… you better hurry up because from July 25th 2016 there will be new content.

The networking world is changing and concepts like SDN, NFV, API’s, virtualization, DevOps and network programmability taking more and more space every day.

As a consequence of this change, Cisco announced end of last year the introduction of new content for all written CCIE exams.

The new content is called Evolving Technologies and has topics like:

  • Cloud
  • Network Programmability
  • Internet of Things

Current topics will remain but will amount to only 90%. The new technologies will contribute with 10% of the content.


CCIE evolving technologies


Another change is the introduction of unified topics for written and lab exams. With this change, exams will no longer have separate topics for written and lab. The list will be the same with the only difference being the “weight” of each topic in the exam.

This last change is not immediate for most of the exams. The current exams will follow the normal cicle and only when the time comes for a “refresh” they will change to unified topics. The first exam to change to this unified topics is CCIE Datacenter 2.0. The new exams will go live on July 25th 2016.


CCIE DC 2.0 Unified topics

Unified Topics for CCIE Datacenter 2.0

Will you speed up? Or prepare for the new content?

BRKSDN-4005 – CCIE Skill Transformation to SDN Kungfu Master 2016 Berlin

Do you want to know more about SDN and NFV? Nothing better with starting with this presentation on Cisco Live Berlin 2016. The name of the session says it all: “CCIE Skill Transformation to SDN Kungfu Master 2016 Berlin”

This session, presented by Himawan Nugroho, is the perfect starting point for anyone preparing for the written after July 25th. Himawan, which “turned to” SDN in the last 2 years goes into SDN, NFV, SDN controllers, API’s, Openflow, Openstack, programmability, orchestration and in the end recommends 10 steps to become “SDN Kung Fu Master” in 6 months.

“All-in-One” VM demo

During the presentation, one of the more interesting moments was the demo of various concepts in an all-in-one VM with pre-installed dynamips (simulating physical routers), Vyatta VyOS (virtual router), mininet (simulates openflow network devices), openstack and a web portal.

SDN Warriors All-In-One VM

VM All-In-One for SDN/NFV

The VM and its guides are available for free download in the SDN Warriors facebook page (



Himawan Nugroho, 3xCCIE #8171 e CCDE#20130018,  is a Solutions Architect for Cisco Advanced Services. He joined Cisco in 2006 and has more than 13 years of experience in complex projects for customers all over the world.
Twitter: @hnugroho

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