Yes! This blog, which started completely in portuguese (the official language of Angola) will now be in 2 languages.

The main language will still be Portuguese. Over time I will translate the older posts to English if I find it relevant. In all the posts with two languages you will see a flag in the top menu on the right flag to see the English version.

To go directly to the English version:


Well, actually I think I have nothing else to do.

From the beginning I struggled with this decision. My professional world is dominated by English and of course I thought of writing the blog in english. It is much easier to write about technology and networking in English and sure enough exposure would be greater. But in the end I decided to go against the tide and embrace the challenge of the Portuguese language. With the blog in two languages, I can achieve two objectives: growth of Angola and the increased exposure that English provides.

This exposure in the end is not intended to achieve any fame, but the contacts and relationships with the wisdom of other people and the benefits that may arise.

And after that?

Can you imagine explaining the concept of an IXP in Kimbundu? hhhmmm …

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