Appy Saude: A bump in my plans

2 months ago I got myself into a very uncommon professional situation (that’s reserved for another post) and decided to take 3 months “sabbatical” to focus on some personal and out of line professional projects. Little did I know I would come into some old friends, Appy and the Appy Saúde project.

I “sneaked in” initially to work on the cloud backend for the app and quickly shifted to work between image editing and processing, CDN and web optimization, database security and encryption, cloud storage, Azure, AWS, redundancy and high availability, DNS, web hosting, app design, testing, troubleshooting and even taking part in some business decisions. The kind of fun I missed and that you can have only at a startup with a kind of “unstructured structure”.

The bad part: My initial plan got completely messed up!

The good part: My initial plan got completely messed up!

This has been (and will continue to be…) an amazing experience with a great team and leadership, and was definitely worth the time taken off “conventional” work. A breath of fresh air staying away from raw networking.

In Summary

My advice to every tech guy out there: don’t get comfortable, go out there, talk to new people, learn new things, always ask why and in the end it will all be worth it. The world is moving too fast!

Stay tuned, lots more to come. Meanwhile, go check out the app and make sure you leave some feedback.

What is Appy Saúde?

Appy Saúde is a mobile app launched April 28th that lists pharmacies, hospitals, private clinics and other health establishments in Angola in a single click (maybe two) and its already on the way to become the most complete health database in Angola.

Download it for Android

Download it for iOS

Download it for Windows… just kidding




 Lots more social but I’m tired just go look at the website.

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