Angolan CCIEs: How many?

As I was writing another post I realized it’s been a while since a 2 year old could count he number of CCIEs in my country.

Jeriel Atienza and André Malungo were for a long time the only Angolan CCIEs, but today the numbers are quite different.

I do not plan to make this the Angolan version of the CCIE Hall of Fame page but you can  find below the current list of Angolan CCIEs that I could find:

Jeriel Atienza – CCIE #24263 (R&S, SP, Voice) e CCDE#2018::2
Co-founder and CEO, Netspace

André Malungo – CCIE #39670 (R&S e SP)
CTO, AnyNetwork, Lda / Cisco Focal Engineer, Cisco Systems

David Neto – CCIE #54070 (R&S e SP)
Consultant, Connectis

Alberto Pascoal – CCIE #60533 (R&S)
ACS DTI department

Mauro Pedro – CCIE #61171 (R&S)
Core network engineer, Unitel

Nilton Matos – CCIE #61356 (R&S)
IP planning and transmission technician, Unitel

Sergio Nunes – CCIE #62304 (R&S)
Senior IP operations technician, Unitel

Walter Ernesto – CCIE #62740 (R&S)
IP network planning engineer, Unitel

Gerson Ferreira – CCIE #63932 (R&S)
Network technician, Unitel

Felix Fortunato – CCIE #64191 (R&S)
Network engineer, Unitel

Congratulations to all! It was certainly not an easy path.

It is quite interesting to see that the last 5 CCIEs are all Unitel employees and became certified in a short time. I cannot confirm but I believe this shows joint work and collaboration between the candidates as well as a strong investment in human resources by the company. Movicel, ITA, Angola Cables, MSTelcom … so ??? !!!!

Feel free to correct the data or let me know if I missed anyone. Do you think this group now has added responsibility beyond their own company?

Important note

Note 1: Before attacking me, for this post I considered CCIEs who live, made their career and have professional relations in Angola. That is why I didn’t include names like Hudson Cruz that I’ve interviewed here. They were not “filtered” for being less Angolan, but to narrow the scope (it would be crazy to know all Angolan CCIEs in the world) and to show that it is possible to get a CCIE despite the various limitations of our country.

Note 2: I did not verify the certifications of everyone with the CCIE/CCDE verification tool.