Filtering Traffic Through Content… Wireshark

Wireshark is my tool of choice for troubleshooting. While most people think of it at the end of the fight, with me it’s always on top of the list.

Recently, I had to look at a problem of a sales application where users reported that “the network was slow”.

The application was developed in-house, didn’t use any of the known application protocols like HTTP or FTP and wasn’t encrypted. In the middle of so many transactions and a working store, how to find the TCP conection that has the transaction to troubleshoot?

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CCIE program evolution

If you are preparing yourself for the CCIE certification and haven’t passed the written yet… you better hurry up because from July 25th 2016 there will be new content.

The networking world is changing and concepts like SDN, NFV, API’s, virtualization, DevOps and network programmability taking more and more space every day.

As a consequence of this change, Cisco announced end of last year the introduction of new content for all written CCIE exams.

The new content is called Evolving Technologies and has topics like: Continue reading


Yes! This blog, which started completely in portuguese (the official language of Angola) will now be in 2 languages.

The main language will still be Portuguese. Over time I will translate the older posts to English if I find it relevant. In all the posts with two languages you will see a flag in the top menu on the right flag to see the English version. Continue reading